Water flossing is experiencing a revival as more gadgets are added to our homes and daily routines.  Water Pik, Inc. has been developing oral health products since 1962, and now their water flosser has become the first powered interdental cleaner to receive the ADA Seal of Acceptance. The water flosser is an alternative to traditional dental floss, and now meets all ADA requirements for product safety and efficacy.

What is water flossing?

Water flossing is an alternative method for cleaning between the teeth of patients who have trouble flossing effectively with traditional dental floss. Water flossers use water pressure to clean between the teeth and along the gums, much like traditional flossing with the added benefits of ease and convenience.

Who should use a water flosser?

Anyone can use a water flosser and experience the positive effects of this flossing technique. However, water flossing is highly recommended for:

  • Patients with braces
  • Patients lacking the hand control needed to use traditional dental floss
  • Patients with permanent dental work like bridges that are obstacles for traditional floss

How does water flossing work?

Waterpik offers both a countertop model water flosser with a large water reservoir and a cordless version.  On each model, the handheld device sprays streams of water in steady pulses. This pulsing action is how the water removes food from between the teeth and reaches hard-to-floss places around permanent dental work. Using a Waterpik water flosser has also proven to be a safe and effective way to remove sticky plaque.

Water flossing is a great solution for patients who can’t use traditional dental floss effectively, but anyone can water floss to experience the benefits of a clean and healthy mouth.

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